Comfort-Air & Ventilation


Typical Customers:


90% of our customers come from referrals. When home owners need a new furnace, air conditioner and fireplace they call us. In addition to regular home owners, some of our clients are new subdivisions and seniors. We are important for seniors since they want to know our references. We usually provide three different references, Worker's Compensation info, licenses and insurance. We do all the things a home owner is supposed to do when seniors get a quote – especially if they are referred by one of our connections partners – Silver Connection. If you need some work done - like you need a plumber, electrician or heating guy -You can call us.




We really use a one-on-one referral network like a connections referral or new homes referrals. Sometimes we get asked to do almost a whole home system retrofit. For example, we are putting in a furnace, air-conditioner, gas fireplace, ranges, new gas barbecue grill hookup and a propane generator backup.


We also do a lot of work for Home Hardware customers. If a customer buys a fireplace from Home Hardware we install it. We do a pre-inspection to make sure we can put the fireplace in the place the homeowner wants to put it. Then we inspect the location and install it. With a fireplace we have to check existing gas piping to see where we need to tie in.


Sometimes we get called into do duct cleaning or maintenance for example; and when get to a home customers want additional services often when they realize we can also provide furnaces, air conditioners and fireplaces. For example we may notice that a furnace is 25 years old and the customer seems to have an older furnace. We will let them know if their furnace should be replaced.


We once had a customer that installed a furnace last year. He asked to install a coil ahead of time for split air since he thought next summer he may want to have air-conditioning. Se we put in his coil in now. It's a lot easier to install coils in the cool months; he just added air conditioning later.