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How can a Duct System improve Indoor Clean Air Quality?

How can a Duct System improve Indoor Clean Air Quality?

Duct cleaning is largely rejected by people to maintain it since it is largely unseen. Many homeowners don't clean their duct system as often as they should, and they don't replace their filter on a regular basis. Even when a home owner changes a filter, a lot of homeowners think they're duct system is okay. But there are a lot of other things in a duct system that can also get dirty. Even the construction of a brand-new home has drywall dust and construction dust that gets into the duct. That is why it is very important that a homeowner gets their system cleaned on a regular basis to ensure indoor clean air quality.

How Often Should a Duct System get cleaned for a Fresh Air Home?

It's important that your duct system is cleaned every five years to provide a fresh air home for you and your family. Some people get their duct cleaned 20 years or longer. We would recommend cleaning your home duct system every 5 to 10 years. If you don't remember when it's been done then it most likely needs to be inspected. Unclean ducts can affect people with very bad allergies - especially if they are very sensitive to pollen. There could be home air pollution problem if you have pets like dogs and cats. Pet hair all gets into the duct. So it's important for a person's bill of health to have clean ducts to ensure fresh air in the home.

The second source of home air pollution is heavy HVAC equipment not functioning correctly. Sometimes your air conditioner won't work with all this pollution floating around in your air duct system. Secondary heat exchangers can get all those things get clogged up in the air conditioner coil. Like a rad in a car all those things get clogged up in the system. Same with the air conditioner; they could get bogged up into the blower.

We have one customer that had to get their air conditioner replaced, because all this stuff got sucked into the blower motor air-conditioning unit. From a fresh air home perspective and just overall home health and mechanical systems standpoint, it’s important to have clean ducts.

How can you ensure you have clean air home ducts?

You're breathing the air that goes through the duct system. So first you want to make sure you have good filters for a clean air home, which we do. If it's gone past that chances are, you didn't maintain the duct system and it should thoroughly be cleaned out. Every home is different, so as a duct cleaning company we have to kind of see what systems a customer has in place.

Some homes seem perfectly clean. They have clean carpets, and no pets implying they have a clean air home. They claim they're A/C is cleaned regularly. Their system looks great, but when we inspect and and look at the duct there might be mold and bacteria growing on the walls of the duct.

It is also very important to put a good filter in to catch all the small stuff however for a clean air home. An add-on to the duct cleaning is UV light. From a bacteria point of view and other molds - UV is used in water treatment and is just as effective in a duct system for killing mold/bacteria. How this works is a UV light bulb is actually put into the duct, and UV light protection kills any germs. The UV light immediately kills any germs that pass through the system. In summary – UV Lights and Filters are the two preventative maintenance options used to keep duct systems clean.

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