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Free standing gas fireplaces- how is this Zone Heating right for you?

Free Standing Gas Fireplaces

Free Standing gas fireplaces

Fireplaces – Why use a Certified Installer?


The main reason you should have an installer install a fireplace is not only for your own safety but the venting is the other critical part. Factory trained experienced installers know exactly how gas piping should be run, and how the venting should be done. So you don't have carbon monoxide coming into the house from a safety point of view obviously; but secondly is your insurance. If the company installing the fireplace is not certified, and something goes wrong, your insurance company is not going to cover you in the same way we Comfort Air is covered as a certified installer.  Installers like us that have licenses. The benefits of fireplaces we install are you have a couple years of free service and safety.


Why are Fireplaces good for Zone Heating in the Home?


The big advantage is zone heating with free standing fire places. Say for example you consider adding a fireplace as an addition onto the house like the basement. Usually the ducts are in the ceiling and they're not in the floor and as an installer you're assuming clients don't have radiant floor heating - therefore the floor is cold. That's where a fireplace can come in handy in your room other than using space heaters for zone heating. Space heaters are kind of unattractive compared to a classic fireplace.

There are two purposes - when it heats and the other is it just looks nice, so it's a nice addition to the room. It has all the benefits of a wood burning stove without the wood and the maintenance. You just have to put the starter in the wall and when you want to turn the temperature up you just turn the thermostat up. And most fireplaces have remote controls. Additionally they also work to compliment your Hydro if your power goes out - you have a backup with the fireplace. It doesn't matter if the Hydro goes out. You can get zone heating in one area. It's a perfect complement to a home.


It's a nice classic looking addition to new homes, and many new homes have one in the master bedroom, one in the living room and one in the family room.  It is common in new houses to have three fireplaces where as 10 years ago it was considered a luxury where very rarely did you see more than one in the home. Now, most subdivisions have at least three - one upstairs, one downstairs, and then the bigger homes may have one in the master bedroom.


So again, you have a nice atmosphere, nice flame and heat. It just looks nice - and you don't have to worry about cleaning the ashes. And you don't have a downdraft. There is no way for a downdraft to come in from the outside (like down a wood burning fireplace). That's why it’s certified for a bedroom - you can go to sleep at night and not have to worry about carbon monoxide.


Fireplaces have come a long way they look very realistic. People would be very hard-pressed to tell you the difference between a gas fireplace and a wood fireplace nowadays. You even see glowing embers at the bottom.


What’s a good Fireplace Brand? We recommend Continental fireplaces...


Continental fireplaces are a good choice for a fireplace and they're located in Barrie. So they are local owned and operated right here in Canada.  It's nice to have a good reliable product close to home. And they have been around for years. They've got a vast range of models and very rarely do you have a problem. But if you do need a part - Comfort Air can literally drive over and get a part since they're located close to us (in Barrie). The name brand has been in the market for years and is known all around the world and are also sold in the US. You see them everywhere now – and they are a home brand name. They started out small but are now huge – and it’s good to buy Canadian and create jobs in Ontario. That's why we like Continental Fireplaces , and we believe we (and everyone) should buy local! Another good brand in addition to Continental is Napoleon which is also a well-known quality fireplace brand name.

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