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Ontario Furnaces - Best Suited for Peterborough, Kawarthas and  Bobcaygeon areas.

What Ontario Furnace options are the Best?

A propane high-efficiency furnace can work with a heat pump coil on top. A lot of people these days take oil furnaces out, and put in a high-efficiency propane furnace - which is a great option for an Ontario Furnace. Often we take the furnace out or the oil tank, and put in a propane high-efficiency furnace with the AC heat pump coil on top. Another option is adding standard air conditioning with a furnace.

Superb Furnaces Ontario Residential Customers Need...

Most of our Ontario Furnace business comes to from work that we've already done since we do a good quality job and are courteous to our customers. For example a lot of other companies claim they can install furnaces in Ontario, but they don't necessarily have the certification to maintain the furnaces Ontario residences need typically (e.g. and clean the ducts), nor would they be legally allowed to really touch the furnace. We take a look and make sure the furnaces doing okay and it has been looked at within the past couple of years.

We've been in this area for 25 years. So we know how to do this type of work. We are actually going back and replacing furnaces that we put in 20 years ago (they are often supposed to be replaced <20 years).  Its fun going around putting a second furnace in - so word really gets around - especially when we put the first furnace in and provide 20 years later a replacement. Our service is in some ways a necessity to have.  With the referral network we’re not necessarily the cheapest, but people know we do good work. People call into us, if they wanted a quality job, and most people know - you get into you pay for. Comfort Air provides furnaces Ontario customers can trust.

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