Comfort-Air & Ventilation

 What Set's Us Apart


What sets us apart from our competition is we have all the licenses and insurance and everything we are supposed to have, and we say that because there are a lot of installation guys that don't have what they are supposed to have. We have numerous references also on demand.



Most of our business comes to from work that we've already done since we do a good quality job and are courteous to our customers. For example there are a lot of carpet cleaning services that claim they can do duct cleaning and carpet cleaning. But they don't necessarily have the certification to clean ducts, nor would they be legally allowed to really touch the furnace or the knowledge to install a freestanding gas fireplace. We take a look and make sure the furnaces doing okay and it has been looked at within the past couple of years.


Often we have checked furnaces where the filter hasn't been changed in years, and when it needs to be changed we happen to have filters in the truck and we keep the truck fully stocked. Also since we buy filters in bulk, we can install the filters inexpensively if they are depleting in the home.


We often go beyond with our customers and point out if other issues exist with other systems. For example with one customer's duct system, we had to go underneath the house through crawlspace, and we had to get to the one duct part to be cleaned.  We noticed an air-conditioner was sitting right beside it and the air-conditioner line was coming down. UV rays from the duct system just started to disintegrate the insulation and it and it was falling apart. All the insulation and all the mess had fallen into the duct.   Sometimes we don't even charge for extra services if it's a simple fix, or we notice something like the previous example.


Sometimes we get calls from prospects that will tell us we did such a great job. For example, we were referred from a house we just did work on, and we got not 5 minutes down the road and a call came from in from an elderly connection – Silver Connections saying, “I just wanted to let you know that we got a call from one of your customers who said “Jim did such a good quality job and they just wanted to let us know that the customer your service was just fantastic. So courteous and nice, and we answered all their questions.”  the Silver Connections referrer said “It’s not too often we get customers that call in with something really nice to say. But you did a good job and your client was just ecstatic.”


We go above and beyond. We do what we're supposed to, and if we see something that needs to be corrected and it's minor, we don't even charge we just go ahead and do it so the customer gets more than what they paid for and then follow-up.


We've been in this area for 25 years. So we know how to do this type of work. We are actually going back and replacing furnaces that we put in 20 years ago (they are often supposed to be replaced <20 years).  Its fun going around putting a second furnace in - so word really gets around - especially when we put the first furnace in and provide 20 years later a replacement. Our service is in some ways a necessity to have.  With the referral network we’re not necessarily the cheapest, but people know we do good work. People call into us, if they wanted a quality job, and most people know - you get what you pay for.

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